Langtang North newly appointed secretary sworn in amidst cheers

According to Mr. Dogo Nanzing a close ally of Langtang North Local government chairman, the Executive Secretary of Langtang North Local Government Council Hon Timlok Mamven took his oath of office at the council secretariat.

The oath of office was was administered by Barr. Titus Timothy Gojur.

In his acceptance speech, the newly sworn secretary promised to do his best to ensure langtang north local government achieves her drive for progress, he said ” it is my duty to be loyal to the leadership of Hon Joshua Ubandoma Laven who is the executive chairman of Langtang north local government council, to assist him deliver on his mandate to the people. Sir, I am aware of the expectations of the people on you, their expectations are high, you were elected not just by a simple majority of votes but by an overwhelming majority of votes. I also know the struggle & effort by all & sundry put in place to ensure you are sworn in. All this goes to prove that your emergence was Devine”

In his remarks, Hon ubandoma charged all regardless of political party affiliation to join hands with the administration in bringing the much desired development to the people. The Hon chairman promised to run a unity government which is aimed at further fostering unity amongst the people, he said, ” the choice of the secretary was made after deep & far reaching consultation with critical stakeholders. Over ten qualified persons lobbied for the position but you were chosen.
My administration is working closely with the councillors & we have agreed to work together for the interest of our people”

Hon. Timloh Ishaku Mamven is a graduate of Accounting from the plateau state polytechnic Barkin-Ladi, he is also a member of the chartered institute of purchasing & supply management of Nigeria (CIPSMN).
he’s Married & blessed with Children.

Mr Dogo Nanzing
Hon Ubandoma Joshua Laven
( Executive Chairman Langtang North Local Government Council)

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