2023: Group mounts pressure on Dr. Patrick Dakum to run for Governorship

As the race to Plateau state Government house little Rayfiled 2023 continues to gather momentum, a group known as “The Renaissance Group” led by some selected youths across Plateau has identified with Dr. Patrick Dakum and asked him to throw his hat in the ring come 2023. This, the group said was in recognition of his leadership qualities and immeasurable contributions to the growth and development of the state. In a statement made available to Satisprime Reporters, the group’s PRO Mr. Danjuma Ajas said “there comes a time when Plateau has got to rise above its challenges to forge a better future. This dream can be achieved with Dr. Dakum as the principal sailor.” The group further services that “We know a number of people are coming out to contest too but I can assure you that Dr. Dakum is has what it takes to lead too with greater vigour and leadership vitality. We therefore ask him to contest and we will support him. We have huge followership and we will certainly campaign for him” The statement reads in part.

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