Prophet Emmanuel Ejembi releases 2020 prophecies, predicts El-Rufai to be next president

Prophet, Emmanuel Ameh Ejembi of Divine Fountain Prophetic Gospel Centre has again Released Prophecies for the year 2020. They are as follows:

2020 Is Our Year Of Double Celebration

« One of the mighty tree will fall in 2020

« President Buhari’s second term in office will benefit the poor

« God will disgrace more diabolical pastors in 2020

« Nigeria to secure foreign funds in 2020

« President Buhari of Nigeria need prayers over his health in 2020

« Prophet Shepherd Bushiri needs prayer in 2020

« The whole Nation of Nigeria mourning in 2020

« Nigeria Will not break up

« Fire outbreak to hit a State in America.

« Nigerians should commence prayer now for Obasanjo and Babangida in 2020.

« The Government of Nigeria will still disobey more court orders

« Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai to be the next president come 2023

« Nigeria vice president, Yemi Osinbajo, will face removal from office

« Nigeria former First Lady need prayers over her health

« Naira may weaken to around N550/$1

« Service chiefs will be changed to avert mutiny

« Abuja church buildings collapse, tears everywhere

« Nigeria Labour Congress will have face-off with the government

« Pray for the military,
I see the junior officers killing the Generals. A lot of them will run away from the force

« I see a serving Minister in Nigeria dead.

« Abdullahi Umar Ganduje
Will not Finish his Tenure in the office.

« Dangote will shut down some of his companies in 2020

« CBN will continue to pump money into FOREX but this will not help the economy

« 2023, power will not move from the North

« Former Principal Officer in the National Assembly must pray against bereavement

« 2023 Igbo’s are wasting their time. They would canvass for them, but they won’t get it

« 2020 I see DSS being taken to court

« Prominent South-South leader will be called to glory

« 2023 The North will not relinquish power, they will still battle it

« Prominent Vice Chancellor in a private university should pray against loss of whole family in a motor accident

« America, I see war in 2020

« 2020 GMD of NNPC will be indicted and will be faced with multifarious challenges that will later remove him

« It’s not yet time for revolution in Nigeria,

« The uprising will come in the nearest future. It is not this man (Sowore) that will do it

« Nigeria will still borrow money

« The era when past military rulers will return to rule the country is over

« Nigerians should pray against a health epidemic in 2020

« Nigeria economy will worsen

« Unemployment will cause a lot of instability

« Some governors will have to sack workers for them to pay minimum wage

« A West African president needs prayers to avert bereavement

« I see a popular man of God in Nigeria being called home in 2020

Bola Tinubu, to be careful else he might “crumble on the way to 2023

« German economy will witness a dip, so investors should hedge wisely

1 Comment

  1. You are truly a blessing to this generation
    Have been following your international and national prophecies since 2012 and God has proven to the world that he called you to do his work. More grace and favor sir


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