Christmas: Alfred Dapal admonishes Christians to reflect the character of Christ

As Christians Worldwide prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December, Mr. Alfred Dapal has encouraged them to embrace the virtues of peace, tolerance and love as exemplified by Jesus Christ. In a statement made available to journalists, Mr. Dapal extolled the richness and awesomeness of the character of Christ while challenging Christians to ensure their character reflects what God desires. “Christmas is a season of love, peace and unity of purpose. It is a moment of sober reflection and turning point. I sincerely encourage all Christians worldwide to embrace the aforementioned virtues and resemble, reflect and reveal the character of Christ in their thoughts, words and action. This is neccessary because doing so will continually add value to the world and move God to bring healing and deliverance upon the land. I truly felicitate with all Christians and wish them a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.” The statement reads in part.

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