Condolences from the office of Rt. Hon. Deputy speaker PLHA to the people of Kombun over recent attacks

It’s with brutal shock I received the sad news of the gruesome murder of our people living in Kombun Ward by suspected herdsmen. I am Deeply saddened by the death of these innocent souls who met their untimely end due to the ungodliness and barbarism of the men of underworld.

My deepest sympathy goes out to the immediate families, People of Kombun, and the peace loving People of Mangu LGA. This is indeed a great lost to the Plateau State. May God give us the peace we all seek and fortitude to bear the loss.

It’s a trying time which every peace lover on the Plateau should stand together in unity to protect our backyard against further attacks.

I am calling on the general public to be security conscious and vigilant because security is everyone business. Also, I want to employ our security operatives to be more proactive and professional to ensure any tendency of recurrence is foiled! while as Government( Legislators), we will brace up to the challenges to come up with laws that will check further attacks.

Rt. Hon. Saleh Yipmong (surv) .
PLHA Deputy Speaker,
Member representing Dengi constituency.

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