100 days in office: Comr. Jasper Gambo felicitates with L/North Chairman Hon. Ubandoma

Congratulations to the Asst Commander in Chief of the political armed force of Tarok Nation Hon Dr Joshua Ubandoma Laven for a well profitable 100 days spend in office.

For just 100 days in office you’ve done what others cannot do for years,you’re a God sent and a blessing to this generation.

Within 100 days in office you restructured the chairman’s office to a modern standard.

You interfere in the settlement of internal security breach among the Tarok people in wase and make it a sound success.

Since from the inception of Langtang North Local Government Secretariat there is no single borehole in the local government secretariat premises but under your power and watch you drilled a motorized borehole in the local government Secretariat and also the PHC clinic Langtang.

Awarding of hand pump boreholes to respective councillors of the 18 wards despite majority of them are not even from the same political party with you is commendable and will never be unnoticed.

Within 100days in office you felicitated the CSDP projects in eight communities.

Presently,there is an ongoing free 1000 jamb registration and been sponsored by your Honorable self.

Youth and women empowerment is your everyday business and therefore the beneficiaries are too many to mention.

We celebrate you today and always.
Once more congratulations our leader and our mentor Hon Dr UJ Laven on your well spend 100 days in office.

Sign ……..
JT Gambo.

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