Declaration of interest to run for PYC Chairman by Arc Davou Pam

Dear comrades
My dear leaders , freinds on various platforms and well wishers today marks a very important milestone in my life .
Firstly the youths are future of any nation as such they are directly the leaders of today as there is no better tomorrow without better planning .
The plateau state youth council has naturally been the home of enthusiastic and vibrant young people unfortunately today our organisation is gradually living on past glory and lacking the vibrancy that will propel visible representation of plateau youths , it is popularly said that ” unconsolidated energies are easily dissipated “.
It is therefore imperative that the renaissance of the plateau state youth council cannot come at a better time and it must give priority to the representation of the entire plateau youths this is what has inspired me to run for the office of the chairman plateau state youth council i am driven by the desire to bring a new spirit and dynamism which is based on grassroots organization of the PYC also received awards from numerous student bodies and organisations inrecognition of my selfless service to humanity .
I am counting on the teeming plateau youths both home and in the disapora i have encountered or communicated with both online and in person from across the state during consultations to help support build a plateau youth council we will all be proud of !
In the coming days i will make public my plans and programs for the plateau youth council .
Indeed it is time for PYC renaissance !
Action ! Not Rhetoric !is the batlle cry
Thank you
Arc. Davou Pam (Gee-Q)


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