PYC 2020: Absalom Dungs unveils blueprint as an aspirant for chairmanship position

As preparations for Plateau Youth Council elections continue to gear up, Mr. Absalom Dungs has indicated interest in contesting for the number 1 position. Satisprime Reporters gathered that Mr. Absalom has begun consultations and designing of strategies in order to clinch the position. In a statement made available to Satisprime Reporters, Mr. Absalom Dungs said his 3 major missions were to build unity and relationships, creating opportunities for employment as well as the economic empowerment of Plateau youths. Full statement below👇


As Leaders we must learn how to lead ourselves, if we lead ourselves wrongly, we would lead our followers wrongly.
As youths we must be ready to make the right choices and take responsibility for every action in life.
Let’s all know whatever we input into a system will equally give these same output, that is why as youths and as leaders of thoughts, we must be ready to build our circles and societies on the foundation of love, unity, justice and fairness.
Looking aback at the issues that have bedeviled us as a people, if truly we want to see the Plateau of our dreams and bring it back to the “Home of peace and Tourism” which Plateau is known for, we must unite as a people building the right mutual relationships.
In my thoughts, I will always say be the change you want to see.
Today is a very special day in my life and to all those who believe in me and in my course and want to see me lead the youths of Plateau in all climes.
I am ready to chart a course of love, unity and the right relationships amongst our youths on the Plateau.
On the Plateau are Youths with gifts, talents, skills and potentials in which can be packaged and sold to the world and want to assure you that if properly used, channeled and harnessed, we can give a world view system.
To my devastation a lot of challenges have bedeviled us as youths in which that led, we the youths, are not actualizing our dreams and God-given talents. Also, lack of good governance, which has led to unemployment, lack of safe spaces and opportunities in governance in order for we the youths to harness those talents, skills and gifts embedded in us and that is why these are some of the factors, which has prompted me to gun for the chairmanship of the Plateau Youth Council (PYC).
I have come to tell the youths that we can achieve these only if we unite, build the right relationships and aggregating the right mechanisms only then the world can hear us.
We must be ready to speak to issues, we must be ready to ask critical questions, which affects us as a people, we must be committed and focused and most importantly in all these, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, and truly that is our ultimate foundation in actualizing true governance among our youths and people on the Plateau and Nigeria as a whole.
Also, we are ready to confront the issues of drug abuse among our youths which is a resultant factor of the high unemployment ratios and safe spaces.
Our focal points in our campaigns are, one:

  • Unity and building the right relationships,
  • Employment
  • Empowerment of our youths
    These are my three pillar policies, which I promise to deliver if given the opportunity to lead the youths of Plateau and Nigeria as a whole.
    Any my watch word is built on these words “In unity and deliberate cohesion we can unmask the redemptive qualities embedded in the youths as critical and major stakeholders”
    I also want to extend my hands of fellowship to all my brothers and sisters who are contesting with me on this platform, our campaigns should be built on the foundation of love and humility and care for one another because there is life after politics.
    I want to assure you and supporters our campaigns will be issue based and built ground the Spirit of love.
    I declare to contest the seat of the Chairmanship of the Youth Council in the Name of the father, son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.
    Long live Plateau Youths
    Long live Plateau State
    Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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