2023: North West youths set up campaign team for Dr. Adamu Muazu

News at Satisprime Reporter’s news desk has it that moves and campaigns for 2023 presidential elections are on top gear. In this light, the former governor of Bauchi state who is interested in contesting for president has started nationwide moves. Different teams in solidarity with the APC chieftain are springing up and declaring their support for him. The Dr. Adamu Muazu Solidarity movement 2023 has begun the inauguration of its campaign teams across Nigeria. The latest was the inauguration of the North West team held in Kano. Full statement from the director of media below👇

Alhamdulillah for the successful inuaguration of the Northwest Geo Political Zone Coordinators, Secretaries and Assistant secretaries held at Kano State Library, Kano State.

We thank the people for their support and commitment to duties, we also send our special thanks to the Kano State government for their contribution.

Nevertheless, we sincerely thank our security agency for protecting lives and property of our members whom grace the occasion.

Special prayers goes to our incoming president Dr. Ahmadu Adamu Muazu (Walin Bauchi, Dan Masanin Katagum, Katuka of Zuru, Walin Nigeria) may almighty Allah continue to guide and protect him, may he give us another opportunity toward the successful inuaguration of our exco’s.

We thank our National Chairman of Dr. Ahmadu Adamu Muazu Solidarity Movement for working hard to see all things are put in place.

Come and join us to make nigeria great again. #MuazuAmaechiTicket2023 #WaliNewNigeria2023 #AMA2023

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