Opinion: Plateau PDP must not repeat same historical mistake about the man Hon. Bitrus Kaze

A former member of the House of Representatives, Abuja, Hon. Bitrus Kaze was at the Plateau State PDP Secretariat, Wadata Plaza Jos, to acquire the interest and nomination form in order to run for the Chairmanship seat of the Plateau State People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Speaking to news men about his ambition, Kaze, who is famed for his selfless and fervent passion in the fight against the interest of the Plateau Heritage, maintained that his ambition to serve the party is has nothing to do with his personal ambition but for the interest of PLATEAU STATE in the bigger picture.

He said “The dire situation in which the PDP on the Plateau finds itself today, has taken its toll on our collective pursuit about the ideals of what Plateau people require. Therefore, daring measures must be taken to address it.

It is obvious that notwithstanding that the APC is in power on the Plateau, it actually remains the opposition party in the hearts of most Plateau people.”

“If truth must be told, our repeated stumbles from the congresses of 2014 are precisely what catapulted and have sustained the APC in Little Rayfield. I believe very firmly however, that the APC emerged and has survived thus far only on our mistakes. When we get it right this time around and eliminate our mistakes; we would have effectively eliminated APC in Plateau State.

This is exactly what I intend to do. I am determined to provide level playing ground for all party faithful in the State. A level playing ground in Plateau PDP has direct bearing on good governance of Plateau State.”

He added that “In my considered view, nothing will neutralize divisions and acrimony on the one hand and promote cohesion and unity of purpose on the other hand like the prevalence of justice, equity and fairness in the Plateau PDP. Undoubtedly, the wellbeing of the PDP has a direct bearing on the wellbeing of Plateau. The goal of my contest therefore is not just to rejuvenate PDP on the Plateau. The security and wellbeing of Plateau itself is in view. To this end, the 2020 congresses has provided us with yet another Golden an important opportunity to make the most consequential decisions. We cannot continue to do the same thing and expect different results. Together we must turn a new leaf. I am prepared to provide credibility, accountability and to inject a new lease of life into the PDP on Plateau State. I want to walk my talk.”

Prior to acquiring the form, Kaze has been heralded by youths and elders; especially from the PDP grassroot as the best suited candidate for the Job; as can be obviously seen on the social media where he enjoys a lot of goodwill from the youths across political parties divides on issues partaining to Plateau’s interest.

You will recall that in December 2019, Factualtimesng.com and universalreportersng.com reported that a group under the aegis of Plateau PDP Youths Vanguard came out to publicly drum support for Kaze, describing him as a commited, dedicated goal getter; aloyal party man with excellent track records.

He is therefore, undoubtedly capable of leading the PDP on the Plateau, thereby bringing the much needed and desired change which the party needs if the 2023 elections is anything to go by and effectively actualize the dreams of returning to a government House thought about and built by the PDP in the State.
The group also appealed to party elders, political office holders and other party members to place their collective support for Kaze to become the next chairman after Hon. Dimishi Sango.

Signed by

Youths Earnestly Ask for Bitrus Kaze

Campaign Team


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