Opinion: what you need to know about Niyes soil – By Plangdi Haruna (HarryPiro)

Niyes is a small Community under the Panyam District of Mangu Local
Government. The basic occupation of its citizens is farming (sugarcane).
The favorable climate, edaphic, rich loamy soil (rich in Nitrogen, Calcium, and
Phosphorus ) and topographical condition makes Niyes a suitable region for
Sugarcane farming. Sugarcane belongs to the Poaceae family of true grasses. It
is a tropical and perennial grass which attains a length of 10 to 20 feet.
Since Ancient times Sugarcane farming is been practiced in Niyes by the use
of local farming tools. Sugarcane in Niyes is grown as a Kharif crop. It needs a
humid climate with an average temperature of 21-degree centigrade to 27-degree
centigrade. 75 to 150cm rainfall which makes the region favorable for the
production of sugarcane.
Niyes Sugarcane is produced in both tropical and subtropical regions. There
are three District geographical regions within Niyes that Sugarcane is produced.
these are;

1.KOGUL: Great Agro condition, they use a single budded chips from a healthy
mother cane which gives high percentage germination.

2.NLET: The major of optimal utilization of water becomes a major issue in this
Area but produces sugarcane in large quantities.

3.The black soil belt from Kogul to Npang
Under current cost and pricing, Sugarcane production is profitable and is a No-
other-option business for farmers within Niyes. However, an increase in the cost
of farm input can be detrimental for Sugarcane production in the region since the
farmers get no aids from the government. The Government relaxed the price on
most crops except Sugarcane, The immediate effect was a sudden decline in
Local sugarcane consumption as many farmers switched to other crops such as
maize, potatoes, cocoyam, and local beans. Competition from alternative
importation of Sugarcane outside Plateau State has also declined the value and
price of Niyes sugarcane.
In conclusion, If much support and aids will be given to farmers within Niyes
Community then I assure the high production rate of Sugarcane and other food
crops from the region. Mining is not the only source of income and Revenue to
plateau state, Let’s try Agriculture and see the difference.

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