Tribute to a Fallen Hero – By Dater Pekop Dawu (University Don)


Wednesday 18th March, 2020.

The name Prof. Dakum Gaius Shown has become a household name in Mupunland, Pankshin local government area, Plateau state and Nigeria as a whole. Indeed, no history can be written about the academia and politics in Mupunland, Pankshin local government, Plateau state and Nigeria and you expect such a history to be complete without a mention of the immeasurable contributions of the Academic Don cum Political Pathfinder.

Show me any politician in Mupunland that rose to prominence without the help/assistance, tutelage, mentorship, and influence of the quintessential professor of political science; Dakum Gaius Shown and I will show you ten mango trees that bear orange fruits. Show me a Plateau state governor ranging from a Late Chief Solomon Lar to a Rt. Hon. Barr. Simon Bako Lalong without the influence and affluence of the rare gem called Prof. Dakum Gaius Shown and I will show you a palm tree that bears palm fruits at the tip of the palm fronds. Show me a national discourse and a nationalist movement in Nigeria without a Prof. Dakum Gaius Shown and I will show you a fish that survives on dry land. And the instances go on and on….

For one who has lived most part of his life admiring the academic guru cum political designer from a distance with the hope of meeting him face to face one day for mentorship, I am the worst hit by his fall now that I will never meet him in this life as I would wish to. Oh dear FALLEN HERO! May I meet you in the great beyond at Jesus’ feet someday but before then, may your spirit of patriotism and extraordinary intelligence regenerate in me and many of your distant admirers/protegés that never had the opportunity to meet you before you logged out of this life.

I challenge all those who became prominent in life on account of the mentorship and influence of the FALLEN HERO to give back to society what my Prof. invested in all of them by mentoring others in like manner. The younger generation is in dire need of delibrate mentorship and you will all do well to meet that need. It is a non negotiable duty for you to never shut your doors on all who approach you for mentorship, otherwise posterity will never be kind to you. You have a debt to pay my FALLEN HERO by recognising the potentials deeply buried in the younger generation and taking delibrate steps to help them fully develop same. This is a debt that you can never afford not to pay. Like Late Prof. Dakum Gaius Shown, the mountain should go to Moses if Moses doesn’t have the capacity to go to the mountain. As for Prof. Shown, he has paid his dues and has made a definite decision to leave the stage. It is now your turn. How do you intend to leave the stage? Do you intend to leave it without putting worthy successors in place or do you intend to make the professor proud of you? It is your call, make it. The younger generation looks up to you.

Dear Professor,
I will miss you greatly. Like Julius Caesar, you came, you saw, you conquered. You have paid your dues. You have SHOWN us the way. It is time to rest; we will do the rest.

Rest on MY HERO


Dater, Pekop Dawu (University Don)
The Voice of Reason Resonating from the Wilderness
Pays his last respect to the Fallen Academic cum Political Giant
With a louder Voice Reverberating from the Hills of Pangwan.

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