Tuttung corpers & teaching practice lodge at the verge of completion by Rt. Hon. Yipmong Deputy speaker

Project Update: Rt Hon Yipmong at the verge of completing the Corpers Lodge and Teaching practice lodge in Tuttung, Dengi constituency.

Rt. Hon. Yipmong has stressed today his commitment to fulfilling his promise to the constituents, he stated this while addressing the press, saying; “the Corpers lodge which is at the roofing stage will improve the confort of Coppers and teaching practice staff posted to GSS Kunkyam for the improvement of education in the area and kanam at large”

The Deputy speaker who is a surveyor by profession charged the contractors to discharge their duties with diligence and utmost good faith so as to have a standard structure in place.

The corp members and teaching practice staff express their joy and appreciation to the Deputy speaker for the ongoing project and further urge him to do more, they prayed and wish him success in his future endeavours.

It could be recalled that the Rt. Honourable member had in December, 2019 at the Community Development Association’s annual fund raising event promised to complete the then ongoing construction of corp members lodge in Tuttung, Kunkyam ward before his one year in office. The promise have come to fruition as at today.


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