COVID-19: Nigerian Doctors reject FG’s Plan To Invite Chinese Medical Experts

According to the Channels, The Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) has kicked against a plan by the Federal Government to invite an 18-man Chinese team of medical experts including doctors, nurses and those with sundry expertise to assist Nigeria in the fight against COVID-19.

President of the association, Dr Aliyu Sokomba, in a statement made available to Channels Television, advised the Federal government to shelve the Plan of inviting the Chinese Medical team rather, and immediately engage all key relevant Nigerian medical experts including NARD and present the full intents and purpose of the planned importation of the Chinese experts for full evaluation, cost-benefit analysis and consensus on the best option.

He also noted that inviting the Chinese medical experts will amount the Federal Government to be championing “illegality”, as all doctors coming into Nigeria are supposed to be licensed by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

Sokomba, therefore, noted that the Chinese medical experts have not been licensed to perform any job in the country.

“The attempt to import Human resources for Health from China into Nigeria where many qualified medical doctors and other cadres of health workers are yet to be gainfully employed is the height of insensitivity and disservice on the part of the Federal Government and their advisers.

“The challenge at hand would have been sufficient marker to agitate the FG to the direction and timing for massive employment of medical and other health care workers to provide enough hands in the industry to battle the COVID 19 as other nations are doing”.

The Minister for Health, Osagie Ohanire had on Friday stated that China is sending in more kits as well as doctors to support the government’s efforts in the fight against the virus.

Source: Channels


  1. Iam so have for that step taken by the Nigerian doctors association, you should not allow Chinatown come inn to our country or else everyone is going to die and not only that people are going to be infected more,coronavirus is not a disease but a weapon produced by them to eliminate people around the world including the five g network 5G network, we should not allow them.


  2. And I want to also let you people know that the HIV virus is not a disease from animal or anything, but a vaccine produced by scientists to boost immune system that leads to a deadly disease that wan not able to get real today ,Africa we should please be careful, there’s a particular country in Africa called malithw Chinese have taken the vaccine to for the prevention of the covid 19,but the whole people are lying down that their hospital can not even contain them,we should please be careful Nigerians, god bless nigeria.


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