Alfred Dapal Felicitates with Christians on the Occassion of Easter

As Christians worldwide celebrate Easter, a day of sober reflection remembering the excruciating pain Jesus passed through before his death on the cross of Calvary, Mr. Alfred Dapal sends his goodwill and felicitations. In a press statement made available to this medium, Mr. Dapal enjoins Christians to be worthy ambassadors of Christ and reflect his virtues in all areas of their lives. He further noted that Christians must strive against all odds to discover the pre-eminent purpose of their lives because it is on that basis that their lives will be a meaningful reality on earth.
Mr. Dapal also expressed optimism that the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging the world will soon become history, but calls on Christians to use the occassion of Easter to pray without ceasing for the end of what has killed thousands of people globally.
Furthermore, Mr. Dapal condemns renewed attacks in Bassa Local Government where 4 people were gruesomely murdered including a pastor. He appeals for peace and justice.

Alfred Dapal Media Team

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