PYC 2020: chairmanship aspirant prince Mado speaks to Satisprime Reporters, reveals action plans

The Covid-19 pandemic globally has continued to put on hold many social, economic and political activities. By now, ideally, permutations would have reached a crescendo by the aspirants jostling for different positions under the Plateau State Youth Council (PYC). The aspirants are driven by enthusiasm based on Satisprime Reporter’s assessment to mount the saddle and consolidate on the foundation laid by the current PYC pilots under the principal leadership of Dr. Fabong Jemchang. When the Covid-19 pandemic curve is totally flattened, optimistically, social activities will come back to life and PYC’s preparations for election will begin to take effect.

In the light of this reality, one of the frontline chairmanship aspirants Prince Mado Mado said in a media chat with the Lead Editor of Satisprime Reporters that his underlying motivation for running was to help address and empower the youths so they could become brilliant agents of change and be united as a wave of transformation. Reacting, he said:

My main motivation to run for the PYC Chairmanship is to see the current Plateau youth repositioned and empowered, the situation of the youths on the plateau is disheartening, so I believe under my leadership we will transform the youth council. I will build the first of it’s kind the PYC Economic team, where we will design programs to see how we can raise funding to improve the life of youths in this state, also I will register a PYC co-operative to be able to get funding for different programs, partnerships with NGO, banks and federal government empowerment ministries , I also want to boost socio-economic programs to have youths come together in reconciliation and build a lasting peace between them.

My intention is to have at least 100,000 SME companies own by youths I intend to have 3000 youths go abroad to study, I will travel to the scandanevian countries and build educational socio-economic relationships to tap into their free education for all system. I have made plans and contacts I have friends and families we have discussed this things.

I will travel to the jungles I want to get the youths out of that place, rehab houses I will partner with, NGO I will partner to see how we rehabilitate and empower this youths so they have a new source of livelihood to distract them from ever going back.

Prince Mado Mado on how to achieve sustainable peace on the Plateau, he said:

We will call the youths from different communities have them sit-down and have a white board. Let them discuss their problems and outline them on the board. Then afterwards, they can start brainstorming and bringing up solutions themselves, once they debate between themselves and come up with solutions they will agree and adopt it then we as a council will get the necessary support from government, NGO and other partners to help them implement. That’s how lasting peace was attain in Rwanda.”

Prince Mado Mado further said one of his primary missions was to carry the youths along and run an all-inclusive leadership where everyone’s Interest is respected and protected and where the voices of Plateau youths are heard on a global scale. He said, under his leadership, Plateau youths will have ample opportunities to become beneficiaries of foreign scholarships and access economic opportunities to become productive members of the world economy.

As permutations continue to take centre stage of activities nowadays, Satisprime Reporters will be monitoring and reporting those activities for public consumption. Best wishes.

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