9 People feared killed in renewed attacks in Bassa Local Government

News Credit: The Stefanos Foundation


Despite government’s concerted effort to restore normalcy in Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State, yesterday, 14th April 2020, another community in the same Local Government was attacked.

An eyewitness who spoke to Stefanos Foundation says at about 7:30pm, while people where going about their normal activities in Hwrra, a remote village in Maiyanga, Kwall District of Bassa LGA, militant Fulani herdsmen were said to have attacked the community, leaving 9 people dead, several houses, water pump and a motorcycle burnt.

According to him, a 25 year old pregnant mother of 1 was among those killed alongside her 7 year old child. Also killed was an elderly man, who went in search of his grandson during the attack. The man and his grandson were killed in the attack.

Others killed were 3 people who attempted to escape during the attack.

Another eyewitness report says:

“The attackers appeared from different direction in large numbers and set many houses ablaze.”

“When we saw them, most of us ran for safety, unfortunately, 9 people lost their lives in the process.”

It is sad that a community would go through these series of attacks within few weeks.

It is most unfortunate also that despite Plateau State governor’s deployment of security surveillance in the area, the community could still go through the same nightmare.

Also worrying is the fact that the attackers now act with impunity. They invade communities with no fear of being challenged.

Just last week, the governor of Plateau State, Hon. Simon Bako Lalong gave an order to fish out perpetrators of these heinous attacks, one would expect that such communities would have been flooded by security personnel, yet, same shocking news of attacks are still coming from the same communities.

Stefanos Foundation will not relent in calling on government to seek all measures that will be effective in saving the lives of people in this situation.

The people of Bassa and indeed the people of Plateau State have no other that can protect them from these invading strangers except the government.

The blood of the innocent is pleading for justice in Bassa.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

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