Any attempt to witch-hunt UniJos VC Prof. Maimako will be rejected – NANS secretary Prince G.M Bedir

My observation from a viral live you tube video about the undeserving harassment of prof S S Maimako ( mai taimako ), the vice chancellor of the prestigious university of Jos by the federal character committee of the House of Reps.*

My opinion .

People must reason and be reasonable too in a society like ours, while I must appreciate the fact that the committee were exercising their functions of oversight as a standing committee on federal character, I must inarguably make it clear that their approached was not nice to an erudite professor who is the Vice chancellor of a great citadel of learning the prestigious university of Jos .

The vice chancellor was calmly seated respectfully before the Honourable members who their actions was more of a vilification from what meet the eyes. The erudite vice chancellor conducted himself in a manner that does not deserved the mal treatment, obnoxious and uncivilized words used by the Honourable members. The Honourable members should note that their being in the National Assembly as our representative(s) is a privilege and Grace of God through the electorates ( Nigerians ), and the vice chancellor too is a Nigerian and as well an electorate. That suffices to say that their grave intimidation to the vice chancellor , Registrar and management of the university is surprising considering the fact that the professor Maimako ( Mai Taimako) Administration is poise on repositing the infrastructural development , Reenforcing academic excellence and strengthening the welfare of staff and students of the university is nothing but a sign of distraction to the man who has been adjudged as one of the best if not the best performing vice chancellor in the country. The vice chancellor should know that successes attract two things , good will and ill will , while I had expected the Honourable members to exhibit the former ( goodwill ) ,they clearly resorts to the later ( ill will ).

As a union leader ( the secretary General of the National Association of Nigerian students zone C ), I call on the House committee members to be more civil, diplomatic and Honourable enough in their approach to public officials as any attempt to bring the hard earn reputation and selfless services of the vice chancellor to public ridicule or his name to mud in the name of not observing the spread in the employment(s) of the staff . May I asked; what if they didn’t apply for employment in the university of Jos ? Of course the vice chancellor is not a father Christmas and he cannot give what you did not ask for, so any attempt of witch hunting in this guise will be rejected by Nigerian students in totality and the public . As union leaders we are still monitoring the situation and we urge the vice chancellor to be more focus on his developmental Strides in the university and as always our solidarity is with him .

Yours in Nation building .

*Prince G.M Bedir CNS
Secretary General NANS zone C

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