Covid-19: concerned Sudanese in England Mr. Abdul gives epic advice to friends and family (watch video)

A concerned Sudanese Mr Abdulaziz Jabir Osman who lives in England has published a timely and epic advice to family and friends on the Coronavirus Pandemic ravaging the world. He published the advice on his official Facebook Page and permission was given to Satisprime Reporters to republish so that the people of Sudan and Africans in general will take caution. In his words, he said👇

Hello my friends, my name is Abdul, I live in England but I am from Sudan. I would like to make you aware of Coronavirus. This invisible killer has no cure and has no vaccine. So what I would like you to do: look after yourself and your family by listening to your local government and the @WHO advice. Stay at home, wash your hands frequently and don’t go out unless absolutely essential. The reason why I am saying that is because I live in England and I see what is happening here everyday. I love you very much my friends, brothers and sisters.

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