I encourage all Plateau people to stand firmly with Prof. Maimako – By Dr. Gurumwal Longjan

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day being tutored and enlightened about the works of this extraordinary individual captured in the picture below.

The complete unbiased history of the University of Jos was presented to me, including the names, performance and achievements of each VC from inception till date.

The remarkable feats of Professor Seddi Sebastian Maimako were highlighted in detail including the overwhelming and unprecedented infrastructural development, high level staff advancement and improvement of the general student experience in the institution.

Further elaborated were the challenges he has been facing and the resentment from individuals not only in the institution, but in the wider society, who have issues with his monumental achievements within the short time frame he has been Vice Chancellor.

I could only shake my head with disappointment when I learnt of the efforts put in place to frustrate this gentleman from raising UniJos to an institution of international repute, including barbaric attempts at violent and criminal intimidation.

My main solace in all this was that the efforts of these enemies of progress were futile and Professor Maimako is bulldozing ahead with his top notch vision and executing his commendable blueprint for the University of Jos.

In the context of the University of Jos, this is one achiever whose name will be placed in the same category as the legendary and visionary Commissioner Joseph Deshi Gomwalk, the conceiver and architect of the University of Jos.

In the context of Plateau State, this is one technocrat whose name will dwell in the same category as the greatest statesmen Plateau has produced.

Not only do I, Dr. Gurumwal George Longjan, stand with Professor Maimako aka Professor “Maitaimako” 100%, I encourage all well meaning Plateau people to stand firmly by him and encourage him as he takes our premier citadel of learning to Olympian heights.


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