5 people killed, houses burnt by suspected herdsmen at Plateau/Kaduna Border

According to the report sent to Stefanos Foundation, the Fulani attackers arrived the village at about 7pm and started burning houses and other property as they shot sporadically, killing 3 women in the process. The villagers ran for their lives but one person, a man, while attempting to escape from the attackers died due to cardiac arrest.

Eyewitness account also says that a quick intervention of people from neighbouring communities prevented the attackers from causing more havoc in the community.

The villagers narrated that one of the attackers was killed during the intervention, his body was found after the attackers were repelled.

A member of the community who survived the attack narrated his ordeal:

“When the attackers came to our house, they threatened to cut off my head, but I picked up my son and escaped through the back door and ran to the next village towards Kwall. As I was running, I felt at a point that they may catch up with me, so I found a place between yam farm ridges and hid my son and continued to run in attempt to distract them from getting to my son.”

“As I was running, I heard my son crying out, saying ‘daddy, why are you running away and leaving me behind?’ I was so disturbed and afraid, so I quickly hid somewhere but I could still hear my son crying. I became more confused”

“While still in hiding, I saw the Irigwe vigilante group coming towards our village to help defend us. They met me and asked me to move to a safer place while they engaged the attackers. I told them about my son, and one of them crawled into the ridges, even in the midst of the gunshot fire exchange and brought my son out. My son was then taken to safety and later, I was able to reconnect with him. I praise God for His faithfulness.”

Names of those killed in the attacks were given as:

Sunday David, 42 years old,

Gibi Saje, 84 years old,

Hannatu Joseph, 75 years old, and

Serah Sunday, 17 years old.

The two people who were wounded in the attack are currently receiving treatment at a hospital.

This is the second attack on Ntireku community in the last 3 and half years. In the first attack, a part of the community was burnt, but with the help and support of spirited individuals, the community was rebuilt.

Stefanos Foundation continues to call on Government to put a better strategy in place that will bring a stop to these atrocities.

Source: Stefanos Foundation

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