Insecurity in Kanam LG: Sen. Dimka’s SLA Hon. Shehu Kanam proffers solutions

In the light of growing insecurity in Kanam Local Government Area of Plateau state, the Senior Legislative Aide to Sen. Hezekiah Dimka Hon. ND Shehu Kanam has offered solutions in a post published on his official Facebook page. Read full post below👇


I am of the strong opinion that there should be a strong roadblock at the entrance of Dengi from the Wase axis and that of the axis along Kwalmiya Gagdi Bauchi Road. The composition of security agents to man the roadblocks should include vigilante groups. They should be involved in thorough search of every vehicle passing along the roads in 24/7. The roadblock along Jos road should be moved to the Junction of Kafel Road and that of Jarmai road be moved to Mahanga. Our people should learn to give the security agents full cooperation while they do their job. We also expect the security agents to be civil in their conduct and avoid any act capable of undermining the human rights of the citizens. There should be good allowance for all the security agents involved in the exercise. For the other parts of Kanam LGA, my view would be made known in the subsequent posts. Security is our collective business, we must all key into it squarely!

ND Shehu Kanam.

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