Covid-19 Palliatives: Protest by women hits Jos Zaria road, major highway blocked

According to Bello Lukman, UnityFM Jos, Protesting women block Zaria road along Federal Government College FGC Jos today.
The women who were not observing social distancing claim they were promised palliatives by the Plateau state Government yesterday and they gathered at Government College but no palliative came their way.
According to them, after waiting for hours, they were told to come back today and on getting there this morning, they did not see any government official to distribute any palliative to them.
The women baring leaves who are in their thousands have blocked the Zaria road that encompass Farin Gada, Stadium, Alheri, Command school, Algadama junction, NEPA, Mile 7 and other roads insisting that they won’t leave the road until the state government bring the palliatives and distribute to them. They said they were suffering from ” Covid 20 ” which they described as “Hunger virus.”
We put a call through to the commissioner of Information, Mr Dan Manjang who said he will find out from the committee on palliatives and get back to us.
Please avoid Farin Gada, Zaria road, Nepa, Mile 7 and other adjoining roads as these are blocked presently. Use alternative roads if you have any… Bello Lukman reporting.

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