Opinion: The Conspiracy Theory Against Bill Gates – Written by Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda

Conspiracy theory is a world wide phenomenon but has found more fertile ground in Nigeria. In Nigeria, it is fueled by fake religious theories and ignorance.

Recently, the social media was inundated with the news that Bill Gates is funding a vaccine that will have a chip to monitor human beings worldwide. And there is a central server somewhere not known to humanity that will manage the data of over 7.5 billion people on earth. The originators and propagandists of this theory said, it is aimed at making us impotent, kill us and have a 666 chip for the antichrist.

1.0 Who is Bill Gates?
He is a business magnate, investor, and most importantly a PHILANTHROPIST. He is the co-founder of Microsoft and currently worth $105.6 billion.

In 2017, Bill Gates through his foundation, donated an estimated $4.78 billion (N1.72 Trillion) to charity mostly to support health and sanitation in Africa. He is the highest individual donor to WHO. He knows that only healthy people can patronize his business. Between 1994 till date, he has donated a total of $45.5 to charity.

2.0 Do We Have History of Conspiracy Theories?
The answer is affirmative Yes.
In the 90s, Dr. Andrew Wakefield who is a member of anti-vaccination movement published one of such conspiracy theories using fake claims. It was later discovered, retracted and he was expelled from the medical profession. Till today, many of his followers still carry the conspiracy theory around the world.

In 2009, when 4G was deployed, conspiracy theorists postulated that it was Obama’s plan to implant chips in people in readiness for the antichrist and it will kill people. His pictures with horns like Satan were all over the social media. The same people that insulted me for proving them wrong that time are sharing the Internet space of 4G with me. I don’t blame them.

Last year, YouTube cleaned up its platform after coming under pressure from journalists and deleted notorious conspiracy theory Channel, Infowars. Many Nigerias have forwarded the anti 5G conspiracy theories for me from the same channel. I don’t blame their ignorance.

In Northern Nigeria, many religious leaders preached against polio vaccine. They claimed it was aimed at reducing their population. Today, Northern Nigeria has the highest number of people crippled by polio. I have a cousin who is an innocent victim.

Conspiracy theories are aimed at taking advantage of our superstitious nature in Africa to instill fear.

3.0 Is The Theory of Antichrist New?

The Bible said there will be rapture before the reign of the antichrist. It is a prophesy that no social media or conspiracy theory will reverse it.

During IBB’s regime, we were shared pamphlets on campus in 1988 that he will be the antichrist. In 2000, we were told rapture will take place and in 2010, we were told Obama is the antichrist and 2020, Bill Gates is the new antichrist.

Nobody knows the date and time of His coming. The fact that we are predicting it, makes it not to be true.

4.0 Should We Believe in Vaccines.
God give knowledge to mankind for our collective benefit and breakthroughs in medicines has benefitted billions including yours sincerely. Highly lethal diseases such as smallpox has been kickout of Nigeria through the use of vaccine.

Scientists are daily making progress in their efforts to discover a vaccine for COVID-19. There are also standard protocols for testing and approving such vaccines for global use. The salvation of the world against covid-19 will still lie in global donors like Bill Gates who will make it accessible to Africa.

5.0 Can Microchips be Added to the Vaccines?

The smallest microchip is 5nm and it is made by IBM, and not small enough to hide in a vaccine. The 5nm microchip does not come with an antenna. If you add antenna to it, the size will definitely be bigger.

It is worth noting that Microsoft are not into hardware but software.

By the way, who doesn’t carry a chip right now on him? Your international passport, national ID card, voters card, ATM card, school ID all carry chips and they are in your pocket.

6.0 Conclusion
Bill Gates’ $45.5 Billion (about N17 Trillion) is the highest individual donation to save lives in the world. Meanwhile, people who have not donated a cup of Gari to their neighbours are the talebearers of this fake news.

It is time for scientists and leaders to stand up to be counted so that collectively we can defeat Covid-19 and the enemies of humanity.

Truth is a time proven currency.

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