Politicians, clerics & all must give account of stewardship on judgement day – Hon. Dalung

The former minister of youth and Sports in the previous dispensation Hon. Barrister Solomon Selcap Dalung has admonished in a written sermon that everyone must be prepared to give account of stewardship on the judgement day. In a message tagged Sunday Corner, Hon. Dalung said he too will account for his deeds good or evil “Solomon Dalung will give account of his stewardship including all responsibilities bestowed upon him. I will give account for my deeds on earth whether good or evil.” The statement reads in part. Read full post below👇

“I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and scrolls were opened. Another scroll was opened too; this is the scroll of life. And the dead were judged on the basis of what was written in the scrolls about what they had done. The sea gave up the dead that were in it, and Death and the Grave gave up the dead that were in them, and people were judged by what they had done.” Revelation‬ ‭20:12-13‬ ‭CEB‬‬

There is time for everything under the sky, a time to mourn and time celebrate, to be born and time to die….death is the inevitable terminal for mortals and remains the only phenomenon beyond scientific or philosophical therapies.
Affirming this theory scripturally, “It is appointed for man to die once thereafter comes judgement”, decreed the Holy Bible, in the same token, the Glorious Quran stated, “every soul must test death thereafter judgement…..”. Therefore, there is an appointed time by the Creator known as the day of judgement for all creations to render account of deeds whether good or evil. Ironically, where will this judgment take place remains subject of theological speculation.

The day of judgement will be a great day of mixed feelings, anguish, sorrow, joy and fear. On that day, humanity will face the Master of the day of judgement. It is not a day of praise singing, hero worship or hypocrisy but a horrific day, who can stand it? No long protocol like your excellency, your eminence, your majesty or honourable or dishonourable members because before the throne of judgement, all are equal.

Apostle John in the Book of Revelation describes the day in the following words, “I looked and saw a great multitude from all nations, tribes and races…” On day the judgement every creation shall come before the Throne of the Most High, the short, tall, black, whites, rich, poor, weak, strong and even the world’s most powerful leaders with hands on nuclear code button will appear before the throne of judgement. Present and past leaders will face judgement with stewardships of how they acquired mandates of the people and governance.

Nigerian political elites will account for how elections are won and lost. They will account for all forms of manipulations, malpractices including, polls rigging, ballots stuffing, results falsification, official bribery, sponsorship of violence and forgery. They will admit loosing elections but will try to blame the devil for misleading them. All security votes, bailed outs and COVID-19 funds diverted into private pockets shall be accounted for on that day. Even those who fabricated COVID-19 figures to attract funding and palliative will face the throne of judgement with the truth of what happened.

The looters of commonwealth who inflicted monumental damage on the well-being of the people by diverting funds for development into foreign bank accounts, buying of houses in Europe, America and Dubai will render accurate accounts of ill-gotten wealth stolen from public treasury. There will be no more compromised probe panels to investigate which nothing will come out of it. EFCC and ICPC will face the throne of judgement with truth of how the war against corruption was compromised, won and lost, including selective prosecution. There will be no hiding place or legal advice from the office of the attorney general for sacred cows.

Armed robbers, kidnappers, cattle rustlers, bandits with other violent criminals will face the throne certainly not with arms but with blood of their victims boldly written on their palms. Kidnappers will give account of the number of their victims accompanied with total amount of ransoms collected with details of their nefarious activities. The mystery of this day is that everybody shall voluntarily give account of deeds without the aid of any digital devices or legal representation. It’s only you and your deeds facing Almighty God.

The militants and their syndicate sponsors will face judgment with all atrocities boldly written on their own faces. All the multinational companies who conspired to destroy oil infrastructures and also stole National resources will not be bailed by the militants on that day, they will be battling with their accounts. The truth about the injustices against the peoples of the Niger Delta will be presented openly to the throne.

Abubakar Shekau, the terrorist caliph shall lead boko haram adherents with their black flag may be shouting allahuakar but this time with accurate statistics of kidnapped Chibok and Dapchi school girls to face judgment. All lives destroyed by insurgents shall rise and cry for justice. It shall be revealed on that day whether the killings, maiming, raping, stealing and kidnaping perpetuated by boko haram was divine injunctions as claimed by Shekau and blood mongers.

Religious clerics shall definitely give account of stewardship of how they led people to righteousness or unrighteousness. Even those who collected election bribe in order to subvert the political rights of the people shall render account. Those who converted their callings into personal business empires will face the Master of judgement with the balance sheets of these atrocities. Also, clerics whose trade in stocks is instigating religious crisis resulting into arson, maiming and looting of properties will face the throne with inventory of misdeeds.

On that great day, INEC will declare legitimate results of elections rigged before the God Almighty, the Chief Returning Officer. The Security agencies with crisis entrepreneurs will face the throne with the accounts of their participation in elections rigging, financing kidnappings and violent crimes including boko haram. The Commander in Chief of the universe is on His throne all knees must bow down.

Bribe givers and takers will be led by Yahoo boys carrying comprehensive data of fraudulent cyber misdeeds including names of their members and victims. On that day all kick backs, contract inflation and fuel subsidies racketeering will be accounted before the throne. Those who diverted COVID-19 palliative and refused to account for the monies claiming it is inhuman to disclosed beneficiaries will give account of all those who received and how it was disbursed. There will be no abracadabra at all. Before God, there will be no more daily briefing by COVID-19 Presidential Task Force but to account for all the billions donated by well meaning Nigerians including funds released by the Federal Government for fighting invisible tsunami before the King of Kings.

Blood suckers, occultists, witches and wizards will not be left out, as their account books will be clothed with blood of victims. The so called “Fulani herdsmen” will face the judgment throne with AK 47 and not cattle. They will come with the blood of their victims and names of their sponsors. Religious bigots, ethnic chauvinists, hate speech advocates that caused human carnage will face God with the blood of victims in their hands. Social media mercenaries and attack dogs will be battling with their own accounts of how they destroyed names and intergrity of innocent people with fake news.

Lawyers and judges who scuttled the course of justice for selfish material benefits will face the throne of judgment with stewardship of the type of justice they dispensed, while victims of injustice will be demanding for final justice. It will be a day of great tribulations while anguish shall cover faces of those betrayed by their deeds here on earth. For those who were guided rightly, their faces will shine with joy and undesirable amazement. On that day the mystery of human nature shall be revealed with consequences of either eternal paradise or condemnation.

The blood of missing people killed on the highways by ethnic or religious militias will be accounted for by perpetrators. Even the “unknown gunmen” who wrecked havoc on innocent people killing, raping and maiming will be known because they will face the judgement throne with their deeds. There will be no hiding place on the face of the earth. For the first time the devil shall be seen on that day but disappointedly he will be battling with his own account without any responsibility for anybody’s misdeeds.

Fire shall give account of all the people it consumed, water will not be spared, the gay, homosexuals, lesbians will confront the rule of creation with their records. “He who created them, created them man and woman” This day is real and there will be no adjoument. All the Prophets of God will be there to prosecute their adherents, they will be armed with all the revealed books to gauge the deeds of humanity. The atheists who did not believe in God will face the Lord of the day of judgement with their disbelief and consciences.

Solomon Dalung will give account of his stewardship including all responsibilities bestowed upon him. I will give account for my deeds on earth whether good or evil. The boys scout khaki with red beret will not stand in my defence. On that day, I will answer all allegations bordering on my faith. I will account for the public trust and how I managed it. On that day it shall be established whether I am genuinely committed to promoting peace and harmony or merely seeking attention. There will be no appeals or preliminary objections because everybody shall be armed with record of proceedings which is your deeds. The only defence on the of judgment is good deeds but nothing else.

At the end of all presentation of accounts, then the Book of Life will be opened and anybody whose name is not found in the Book shall be thrown into the lake of hell fire, this will be the second death.

I fear this day greatly, because I cannot imagine how horrific it will be. Many things unknown or concealed shall be revealed. Blessed are those who found favour with this day for they shall inherit eternal paradise. I sincerely pray we reflect on this great day and amend our ways so that we shall all be blameless, amen. I love you all. Ramadan Kareem and Happy Sunday.

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