Hon. Ubandoma’s Newly appointed SA on media donates salary to fight Covid-19

The newly appointed Special Assistant (SA) to the Executive Chairman of Langtang North LGA on Media, Press and Policy Management (Mr Burnan Armstrong Zitta) donated an undisclosed amount, part of his first salary to support the fight against Covid-19 pandemic in langtang north.

In his speech, he said “as young people we must learn the good deeds of our leaders, mentors and principals as that is the only way of sustaining the legacies to their younger generation yet unborn”

In the month of April, my Principal donated his entire salary to contain the spread of Covid-19 in langtang north. This act portrays his undying love for the Tarok Nation, his selflessness in service and unquenchable desire to deliver the dividend of democracy to his people and I see this worthy of emulation, hence my motivation.

The young politician and social democrat implore all well meaning Nigerians, plateau citizens and especially Tarok sons/daugthers to continue to support the fight against Novella Corona Virus in their own individual capacities as He was optimistic that collectively we can defeat the common enemy of the human family (Covid-19).

In his Final remark, He maximized the opportunity to thank the Executive Chairman Once again for finding Him worthy to work in his cabinet, Assuring the Chairman that To the best of his ability, He promise to stake all odds to ensure he discharge His functions as it may be so required of Him with diligence and honestly.

To the the youths, he said “We are no longer the Leaders of tomorrow but we are leaders of Today, as such we must act the call of true leaders, keeping aside tribalism, egoitism, religious bigotry and all forms of sentiments, he also ask them to shun both social media/physical thuggery for politicians as we are the change makers of our generation.

He prayed that the Lord heal the World and purge us free of this Covid-19 Pandemic.

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