Advocating for Inclusive palliatives to the vulnerable in the pandemic era – Shakka Nensok Peter

In life, everyone is vulnerable, we all face mortality and thus are susceptible to the experience of vulnerability.


Vulnerability is a universal human condition, but
is experienced differently, depending upon one’s life
circumstances and other variables including pre-
existing impairments or disabilities, homelessness,
or being in conflict with the law. Feeling vulnerable comes as a result of being at risk for physical, psycho-
logical, or emotional harm. That risk of harm can come from within one’s body or psyche as intrinsic vulnerability, or from external sources including poverty, environmental disaster, or discriminatory attitudes.

Categories of the vulnerable group.

“Aged & the young”

  1. People who are working with government
  2. Business men
  3. Private sector workers
  4. Daily labourers
  5. Petty trader’s
  6. Retirees
  7. None of the above

In this regard, am calling on the government, spirited individuals & organizations to consider this; when planning on giving out any form of palliative, we should consider having different packages according to the needs of the said group mentioned above. And all this categories can be found in the rural and urban areas. Some might just need basic amenities like housing, water & light to survive, some food & beverages , some waivers on dues & some fertilizers for farming…etc.

Note; The most vulnerable person might just be your next door neighbour, please let’s not just focus on the rural areas (Villages). Some people are suffering in the cities as well.

Palliative care should lay emphasis on the whole being of a persons physical, psychological & spiritual care

stay safe

Be hopeful

Have the right mindset.

God bless & protect humanity.

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