Prosecute Rinji Bala’s Killers, ensure justice & put an end to extra judicial killings in Plateau State – Prince Mado tasks govt

Prince Mado has called on government to ensure that the killers of Rinji Bala, a 20 year old student of University of Jos are brought to book.

In a statement through his campaign directorate, Prince Mado condemn the extra judicial killing which is the second in less than six months in Jos noting that if this current act is allowed to go unpunished, the cycle will continue unabated.

‘Plateau people are naturally peaceful which is often taken for granted. This possibly explain why around the state, high handedness and unprofessionalism by the military and the Nigerian police is rife, Prince Mado stated’.

He commends the steps taken by the Plateau Youth Council led by Dr Jemchang Fabong towards ensuring Rinji Bala gets justice and assures of support in any legitimate form towards actualising this. Also, we are going to reach out to Mr Rjnji Bala Family to see how we can help at this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with them, he said.

He is of the view that to ensure justice and a prevention of such ugly reoccurance, the Plateau State government should ensure that security operatives in the state are held accountable and operate according to global rules of engagement.

Prince Mado commiserates with the deceased family and youths across Plateau.

Prince Mado Campaign organization.

14th May, 2020.

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