American Christian missionary dies in plane crash delivering Covid-19 aid in Indonesia

A 40-year-old missionary from Maryland was killed Tuesday while delivering much-needed coronavirus test kits to a remote village in Indonesia, according to officials.

Joyce Lin, a Kodiak pilot and IT specialist for Idaho-based Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), reported an emergency minutes after taking off from Sentani International Airport in Papua, the country’s easternmost province, early in the morning when her aircraft crashed into a lake, according to a statement from MAF.

Joyce Lin with a crowd in Indonesia.

“Our hearts are broken as we grieve her death, but we are also encouraged knowing that she gave her life to a work that she absolutely loved doing,” David Holsten, MAF’s president and CEO, told Fox News.

“Joyce embodied so much of what we love to see in MAF staff,” Holsten added. “She was following a call from God to serve others. Joyce was invested in the local culture and maintained a deep connection to her family, friends, and supporters around the world. She was professional in her IT work and in her flying, and well-loved by those she served.”

Ahmad Musthofa Kamal, a Papua police spokesman, said Lin apparently had technical problems two minutes after takeoff, when she sent out a distress call and requested a return to the airport but the control tower lost contact with her. Lin’s body was discovered by Indonesian Search and Rescue divers two hours after the crash.

MAF staff in Papua and Jakarta are working with authorities to investigate the crash. Lin was the only person on the plane headed for Mamit, a remote village in a mountainous area which is typically a one hour flight. She was delivering supplies to the indigenous Papuan people, including COVID-19 rapid test kits, books, food, and school kits.

News Credit: Fox News

Joyce Lin, 40, died doing mission work in Indonesia.

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