Opinion: The greatest threat to democracy: Those who think with their stomach – By Alex Sankara.

The greatest threat to democracy is not people who oppress other while in office but young people, especially those who think with their stomach and not their brains.

They are more dangerous than anything, put them in charge of anything, they will try to convert it to their stomach infrastructure. They are in every political party, government institution, educational institution and religious organization. They can be recruited anytime for any purpose, provided their stomachs will receive. They have sold conscience and reason to their stomach. They switch loyalties in the morning and re-switch their loyalties by night fall. They have no ideology, only inspired by their stomach.

They can be used at anytime by those who seek power by all means, they are always in praise singing in and out of season, they know not when to apply caution or exercise restrain. Identify them and keep away from your younger ones and kids, for they can convert them into hostages or collaterals.

They are the architects of misfortune, like courtiers whose greed and selfishness led nations into war against each other, their greed led to the downfall of their masters, and soon enough they found new masters to continue their trade with.

They leave ruins on their path, their reasons for agitation is their stomach, they keep mute only to observe table manners.

The day their stomach becomes empty they start unnecessary strife to get attention. They don’t love peace or order. They don’t want to make themselves useful by engaging in productive ventures, they only want to remain at the gates of those who can promise to fill their stomachs.

Painfully, they are young people, they can poss as thugs or escorts at every social or politics gathering for just about anyone who can guarantee that their stomachs will be filled, they can do anything… Yet they are youths.

If you mention education or work, they begin to smile and give you excuses, they prefer to be given fish rather than sent of the path to learn how to fish.

Be careful, for they are youths. Those who took their paths saw their kingdoms destroyed. You find them even in the holy books. They misled Rehoboam king of Israel (1 Kings 12), Their advise would sound better than the experienced to a foolish and desperate leader. They have led many astray, they are like the mixed multitude who always called for the cucumber and the onions in Egypt where they had just left in rebellion to Moses, they are the ones who caused the children of Israel to err (Exodus 12:38, Numbers 11:4).

Weep not for they shall be allowed to grow until the harvest time, where they shall be gathered in bundles to be burnt (Matthew 13:30).

Remember they are with us always, and they are Youths. Those you used their stomach to think will be led astray by schemers who know how to use food to manipulate them.

Take caution, for they are youths.

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