Ziphion Chrysanthus: The Iron that Sharpens many Irons

Ziphion Chrysanthus with the Minister of foreign affairs Geoffrey Onyeama during an international trip to represent Nigeria

Having spent over 10 years writing and speaking to a scholarly audience from journalistic point of view, none of my articles has given me greater joy and enthusiasm than this one I’m unveiling. I’m thankful to God for the gift of friends both in Nigeria and abroad. In Nigeria because this is where I was born and raised and of course outside the shores of Nigeria because I was privileged to acquire my master’s degree in Northern Cyprus, Turkey. Many thanks to social media providing boundless opportunities to connect and unite with friends and family, a platform where I made new friends as well. Literally, I choose my friends carefully. In this dark world and wide, if one is not careful, friends can mar you and be a stumbling block on your path to greatness. Yet, others can help elevate your dreams to the realm of accomplishments. Friends are invaluable resources. They’re the best things that can ever happen to a man. They are springboards upon which one can jump to accomplish a lot in a world of opportunities. With their wings, you can fly and blossom. On the other hand, there are toxic friends literally. They sap your energy and drag you in the mud when the chips are down. They demoralize your confidence and self-esteem. They’re standing on the wrong side of history. Sadly.


“History is riddled with leaders leaving indelible mark in the sands of history.” Anonymous

Ziphion Chrysanthus with Mallam Garba Shehu the senior special assistant to President Buhari on Media during an international trip to represent Nigeria

The above quote aptly describes Ziphion Chrysanthus. This is not an article to use sugar-coated words nor an attempt to blow the man’s trumpet. He deserves every bit of commendation in the light of his achievements. I, being the writer can testify and countless others that he’s massively creating a niche for himself in the world of influence and history. A young chap with a visionary mindset. A reservoir of ideas and passion for change. Having worked with him in the context of politics, youth engagements and humanitarian interventions, I know for sure that he’s got what it takes to create positive change in the realm of leadership. He is not a new person to me. My knowledge of him isn’t one that can be flipped away like pages of book. I’ve known him for many years now and still counting.

As a business enthusiasts and MD/CEO of Tizona Synergy Ltd, one of the reputable and leading consulting companies based in Abuja providing value-added, high-profile services & executing contracts for the Nigerian army and other paramilitary agencies, Ziphion has helped the less privileged members of society in diverse ways including assistance for scholarships and helping to secure jobs in the military among others. He has received commendations, awards of honour and medals over time for distinguishing himself as a man with the Midas Touch.

Ziphion Chrysanthus with Russian military men During an International conference in Russia

Born and raised by God fearing and hardworking parents, His dad has been a pastor for many years with the Church of Christ in Nations COCIN, he’s at present the RCC chairman of Cocin Garki Abuja. Everyone knows Rev. Chrysanthus John Bala as a disciplinarian who sticks to values and disciplinary principles. He’s Mhiship by tribe from Pankshin Local Government Area of Plateau State.

Ziphion Chrysanthus is well travelled within Nigeria and abroad including countries like Turkey, Russia among others basically on business missions and conferences.

He has underlying interest in Politics and by virtue of his accomplishments, an overwhelming majority of his friends, family and associates are mounting pressure on him to run for a political position in order to have greater opportunity to do more in a world of opportunities. He once said,

“Politics is something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s about time to make a difference. I’m joining Politics because of what I’ve got to offer. The message is simple. I’m full of optimism that the future of this country will be better courtesy of our efforts. I’m committed to raising the bar of excellence in leadership. In the next political dispensation 2023, we will be fully involved and play elective roles. There is no better time to make a difference than now.”

Ziphion Chrysanthus during an international conference abroad

Finally, I’m proud of what Ziphion Chrysanthus is accomplishing. His influence continues to rise astronomically and posterity keeps increasing his chances of becoming a critical stakeholder in the scheme of local, national and international affairs. Together, we will make the change we yearn for possible.” He noted.

Written by Satmak Dapar the Lead Editor of Satisprime Reporters

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