Eid el-Fitr: Alfred Dapal felicitates with Muslims, preaches peace & unity

The official end of Ramadan fasting and prayer ushered a new celebration of Eid el-Fitr by Muslims worldwide. It will be done strictly according to the tenets of Islam and in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines as announced by the Sultan of Sokoto.

Alfred Dapal has warmly congratulated all the Muslims on the Plateau and the country at large for successfully finishing Ramadan Fast and celebrating Eid el-Fitr. In a statement made available to journalists, Mr. Dapal said it was a thing of joy to complete the journey that started exactly 1 month ago and concluding it with Eid el-Fitr celebration. He salutes Muslims for offering prayers for the state and country at large, noting that the end had ultimately justified the means.
He further added that it was time for the good people of Plateau State to bury their differences and work together as a people with a common destiny while fine-tuning effective strategies for the attainment of lasting peace and development. He wishes all Muslims happy Eid el-Fitr and a prosperous tomorrow.


Alfred Dapal Media and Strategic Engagement Team

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