Pst. Vincent Nanle greets Muslim Ummah on the occasion of Eid el-Fitr

Pst. Vincent Nanle has heartily sent his message of felicitation and congratulation to Nigerians on the special occasion of what he termed, “the spiritually significant month of sacrifice, sober reflection, empathy, self discipline, love and sharing”.

In a congratulatory message to all Muslim faithfuls, which he personally signed, on behalf of himself and family, Pst. Nanle urged all Muslims to reflect on the importance of Ramadan, in becoming good Ambassadors of Islam. He stressed the importance of putting into practice, the lessons of Ramadan, beyond the fasting season.

Pst. Nanle wishes to take advantage of this avenue to recognize the tremendous contributions of Muslims across Nigeria, “to the growth and progress of our communities, to our ways of life, each and everyday”.

He believes that all Muslim brethren are “really spiritually rejuvenated; and Christian brethren, happy to celebrate with their Muslim brethren, in that spirit of seamless love, wrapped around tolerance, respect and sanctity of human life as “our diversity remains a great source of strength”.

While regretting that Muslims had to embark on this important religious obligation during a period of untold economic hardship, worsened by the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, Pst. Nanle hopes that the prayers and fasting rendered during this period will invoke God’s intervention in bringing to an end, the pandemic, as well as the security and economic situation of the country.

Urging all to adhere to Government’s policies and the position of National Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs on curbing the menace of COVID-19, during and after the celebration, Pst. Nanle wishes all Muslim faithfuls, their families and friends, a joyous Eid-El-Fitr celebration. He hopes that this Eid will bring peace, unity,
prosperity and progress.

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