Chief Jerry Gushop Celebrates Children on the Occasion of 2020 Children’s Day

Any nation that refuses to recognise the place of its children is refusing it’s posterity. In my mind, I strongly believe that children are assets, gifts from God. And without the right investment and leadership that understands their plights, the good future will be obscured. The Future of a nation is destroyed when there in no commensurate developmental investment on the children. I believe in the Nigerian Child, I believe in their right to quality education, affordable and accessible health care system, proactive security system to protect them and their families from any danger. And the rights to social and basic amenities.

However, leadership at different levels have been seen to give deaf ears to the cry of the Nigerian child, growing number of out of school children in Nigeria which Nigeria is number one in the world left nothing to be desired. Leadership is key, unity is central to the realisation of any goal. We must be deliberate in our choice of leadership.

On this special day of Children, I want to assure every Plateau and Nigerian child that there are others who cared for their future, who have been working round the clock to see that our developmental goals reach its peak. I also want you all to know that your future is alright, hope is not lost. Though we are celebrating you this year with closed schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we shall overcome it, next year will not be like this. And that no matter what the hurting memories of the pasts and today presents to us, we can still fly, we shall reach the future.The Future is Alright.

I believe in you!
Happy Children Day

Chief Jerry D. Gushop
Marafan Mangu
Bunu Langai

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