Children’s Day: Rt. Hon. Saleh Yipmong Salutes Nigerian Kids

The Deputy Speaker, Plateau State House of Assembly and member representating Dengi Constituency, Rt Hon. Saleh Shehu Yipmong congratulates Nigerian kids on the occasion commemorating the 2020 World children’s day.

Speaking to news men of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) in Jos, Yipmong encouraged the Nigerian childeen to remain steadfast as the future remains brighter in their hands, he narrated his experience while growing up as as a child, the Political and Traditional Leaders will always gather them to mark celebration. To them, children day was a remarkable and memorable occasion and an opportunity to meet with their peers from different Socio-economic backgrounds. He added that; as a Child, it was his desire to grow older someday and have a family of his own and today he’s happily married and blessed with kids of his own which he considers the greatest gift of his marriage. Yipmong further enjoined every parent to train their kids in a Godly way, give them the best education they desserve for the betterment of the society.

Speaking as legislator, Rt. Honourable Yipmong confirmed that, Plateau State House of Assembly will review the child protection act which gives every child the right to be treated right irrespective of his status. He says the state assembly will ensure that education becomes compulsory to every child in the state. They will ensure no single child roams about the street during school hours especially the Almajris.

He once again joined the Children around the world in celebrating this very important day despite the ban on social activities due to Covid-19 global pandemic, he says the best thing the kids can do now is to obey government directives and adhere strictly to the medical guidelines to ensure this will helps in containing the spread of the virus.


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