Plateau Govt warns against stigmatization of Covid-19 patients – Hon. Dan Manjang

All human beings are equal irrespective of their social status.
There is therefore no need to stigmatize anyone who is found to have contracted the Coronavirus or any other disease for that matter.
Plateau state Commissioner of Information and Communication Dan Manjang in a statement said COVID nineteen though could be deadly is not a death sentence
Manjang explained people are recovering from COVID 19 like any other illness and should not be stigmatized.
He said the Plateau state Government takes exception to the stigmatization of COVID-19 patients and would therefore not tolerate the act.
The Information Commissioner therefore ask citizens to be pillars of support to anyone diagnosed with the disease or treated of it and embrace them as one big happy family.
Rather than stigmatize and discriminate against persons suspected or indeed infected with the virus, the Commissioner reminds the public of the consistent charge by Governor Simon Bako Lalong for more love the show of solidarity, care as well as learning from the experiences of those affected in order to cut transmission and stop the virus.

Hon. Dan Manjang
Ministry of Information & Communication
Plateau State.

28 May 2020.

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