MUCDA to distribute food across villages, 13th June 2020

Because of the glaring challenges facing its people as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic and its seeming unending nature,the Mupun Cultural And Development Association has commenced preparation to distribute food palliative to people in dare need across its villages.

In this regard, the MUCDA President, Chief Pedro Ardiyel Dafur, FCA therefore informs sons and daughters that the distribution of the food palliative will hold on Saturday 13th June 2020.

By this MUCDA has opened the gate for individual and collective support towards ensuring some of our people in dare need get some form of support.

Further to this MUCDA wishes to announce support already received in that regards.

1.Prof CJ Dakas
30 bags of salt and 2 cartons of Maggi Seasoning.

To reach MUCDA for any form of support and enquiries please call

-Simon Samuel Vilji
0803 065 7017

-Kenzy Dakas Ngupar

Also the MUCDA Account is FIRST 2017709688.

Names and support are to be acknowledged and updated daily until the said date please.

MUCDA appreciates the enormous sacrifices of our people and pray God continues to bless the Mupun Nation.


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