Ex-minister Hon. Dalung condemns rising cases of racism against blacks

The killing of George Floyd a black American by a police officer in Minnesota USA drew worldwide attention and condemnation. The former minister of Youth and Sports, Federal Republic of Nigeria Hon. Solomon Dalung in his Sunday Corner Series wrote “This act of police brutality in America is not strange rather an extension of deliberate strategy by benefactors of the inglorious human trade to dehumanise black population. May the soul of George Floyd rest in peace amen.” Read full edition below👇

SUNDAY CORNER By Hon. Solomon Dalung

“I have a dream that one day my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the contents of their character”…I HAVE A DREAM TODAY…

In 1883, human trade was abolished which only ended ferrying of negroid race from Africa across the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea to Europe and America. This development terminated human trade but did not end black slavery. Rather it declared opened new vistas for brutal dehumanisations of black slaves. One hundred and sixty years after the end of slave trade, Africans are still slaves even in their own countries where black leaders preside over governments.

Declaring hope for the future during the March on Washington for jobs and freedom, the America civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. on the 28th August 1963, demanded for an end to racism in United State’s of America. This iconic speech was a redefining moment of the struggle for civil and economic rights, freedom and equality. “He lamented then that “one hundred years later, we can never be satisfied with this faith, let freedom ring and freedom at last”.

Even at these, the civil rights activist believed that descendants of negro slaves had future in “the land of slavery and hatred”, when he declared that “one day this nation will rise up and live up to its creed, we hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal”. Indeed, these truths have only remained self evident to the blacks till date but certainly not for racists in America. The predicaments of African-Americans has taken a dimensional shift to systemic injustice, where the machinery of the state has been activated them. The blacks are strategically profiled, targeted and eliminated either by been gunned down by police or physically strangulated in public view.

I CAN’T BREATHE, a black man gasping for his life in the custody of police officer on a mission with with knee on the neck of George Floyd for about nine minutes despite passionate interventions from by standers but to no avail as Derek Chauvin ignored all, with his left hand in his pocket, he executed him in public glare. This act of police brutality in America is not strange rather an extension of deliberate strategy by benefactors of the inglorious human trade to dehumanise black population. May the soul of George Floyd rest in peace amen.

From Africa, China, Europe to the Middle East, the black man faces all forms of dehumanising treatments in the hands of authorities. He is a criminal just because of his skin. It is either coronavirus, religious, ethnic, poverty or hunger viruses ravaging black communities all over the world. The black population suffers excruciating pains without a voice. Recently, Africans in China were thrown out of their houses and hotels to the streets and under the bridges with the knee of the Chinese authorities on their necks crying for justice….I CAN’T BREATHE..

No body to come to the rescue of the blacks in China, USA or Europe because even in Africa there’s killings of blacks by blacks going on, so who bail the cat? Africa has no moral authority to complain about the very acts she’s guilty of, the people are strangulating under the knees of irresponsible leadership pinned to the ground by hunger and poverty crying for help .. I CAN’T BREATHE..

The giant of the black world watched these injustices against black peoples without a voice because Nigeria is also overwhelmed by internal challenges. The people are either pinned down to the ground with the knees of boko haram or bandits or Fulani herdsmen on their necks struggling for survival..I CAN’T BREATHE..

When Nigeria sneezes, the world catches cold, but that was then, when men were men but today corruption has pinned down the country with its knee on her neck gasping helplessly for survival..I CAN’T BREATHE. The situation has been compounded with the outbreak of virus pandemic where the emergence of situational billionaires who had converted public health crisis into business against national interests. While the people are pinned down by the virus and hunger, they had their knees on the necks of the people struggling for palliatives..I CAN’T BREATHE..

If Nigeria as giant of African does not get it right the black population will continue to languish with racism and dehumanising treatment globally. We must fix Nigeria to provide the desired leadership for the black world. If you want to know the relatives of a mad man slap him in the market square, therefore the question of leadership is indispensable in overcoming ugly trends confronting the black race.

He who come to equity must come with cleans hands, so I hold these as self truths that Nigeria must purge herself from corruption, inequality, injustice, religious bigotry and ethnic chauvinism to qualify for leadership of the black empire. With the right spirit it’s doable, but for now, Nigerians are pinned down to the ground with the knee of palliative administrstors on their necks in a lockdown economy gasping helplessly for survival, “I CAN’T BREATHE.. my neck hurts, my stomach hurts..please help..I need water…

May the blood of all Nigerians who died in the hands of evil men in whatever circumstances continued to be upon them. And may the spirits of victims of all forms of violence continue to hunt them until they do not know peace amen.
Happy Sunday.

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