Video: Man gets beaten, car set ablaze for using bow & arrow against George Floyd protesters

An American man, Brandon McCormick got severely beaten Saturday after pulling an arrow on citizens protesting the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

He also had his car turned over and set on fire.

The incident occurred in downtown Salt Lake City in Utah.

A Twitter user, @Gingersonfire posted a video of the incident, explaining that, “He got out of his car, yelled ‘that’s it’, and shot into the crowd before being tackled.”

“He was yelling at me, and then aimed his bow at a black man standing behind me. The black man saw it coming, charged, and tackled him,” the poster added.

McCormick told a reporter he got beaten up after yelling “All Lives Matter” to protesters echoing “Black Lives Matter”.

He added that he pulled out the weapon after the beating and got beaten again, leaving his face bloodied.

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