You can’t eat from Africa and disrespect us: Why Kagame deports 18 Chinese from Rwanda

Rwanda has deported 18 Chinese who have violated the laws of the country by abusing the rights from citizens of Rwanda.

The deportees were sent home to China on Wednesday and have since being declared prohibited from returning to the country.

This came after the General, Mr PAUL KAGAME, the president of Rwanda found out that these Chinese were mistreating Rwandan workers and grubbing lands of farming from them.

When commenting on the issue, President Kagame noted that these Chinese have violated fundamental Rwandan laws which include taking advantage of citizens of Rwanda by making their workers work abnormal hours like slaves.

The President lamented “Africa is a peaceful continent, we don’t tolerate discrimination here or are we welcoming to be slaves again. This country is for Africans and those who mean well for us are always welcome. I’m deporting those 18 Chinese back to their country and never return back! Rwandese must enjoy their rights in their country!”

Mr. Kagame pointed out that no one will be allowed to feed on Africa’s resources stand disrespecting to the people of Africa.

“Let this be a lesson to all other peoples who want to live and work with us! Respect us and we’ll welcome you with our good hearts!”


  1. Having a heart for your people is the greatest thing that any president can do,protect your people support your people, well done mr president God richly bless you.


  2. Thanks Mr President no longer should Africans be subjugated to lesser that from other races who really doesn’t hsbr us at heart.Chase all Chinese fro our continent. They are impotent we don’t need them.


  3. God blessed Africa with resources and leaders. When people like Gen. Paul Kagame speak, the world must stop to listen. He was the first to lament about the involvement of France in the Rwanda Genocide that the western media will never report. Now in come the Chinese thinking that Africans are fools! Gen. Kagame’s action must be a wake up call to African Leaers who have sold their souls to China and laid bare their countries wealth & resources t pillage by the heathen. These leaders must be told that deals they cooked up with Cina were personal and not for teh Afircan NAtiion and therefore China must be challenges, as a signatory to the WTO of enetring into bad deals meant to plunder and pillage and not benefit Africa! These dubious contracts will eventually be declared nul and void.


  4. Good job Mr. President. Maybe you should give the prime minister in Jamaica a call. He needs to do the same… send them back to where they came from.


  5. I applaud the President. Yes!! I wish the Prime Minister of Jamaica would advocate for
    for the citizens ofJamaica who have experienced disrespect and exploitation👍🏾


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