WHO takes action to end fresh Ebola outbreak in Congo

The World Health Organization says it would continue to support the Democratic Republic of Congo to battle a fresh outbreak of the deadly Ebola viral disease.

On Monday, Congolese health authorities announced six cases in the north near Mbandaka in the Equatuer province, with four deaths.

“The new one is on the other side of the DRC, Western DRC. WHO will continue supporting DRC in tackling Ebola, as well as responding to COVID-19, and the world’s largest measles outbreak”, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization said.

WHO will continue supporting DRC in tackling Ebola, as well as responding to COVID-19.

This marks the second time Ebola has hit Equateur province in as many years.

An outbreak in 2018 killed 33 people before the disease was brought under control in a matter of months there.null

The DRC has yet to declare an official end to Ebola in its troubled east, where at least 2,243 people have died since the epidemic began in August 2018.

The Central African nation is already dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.


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