Abstract on Plateau Zoning and Power Rotation – Plangdi Haruna, Harry Piro

In 2023, zoning would manifest in full gear owing to a new political dispensation where the masses will have yet another opportunity to elect new leaders. Zoning has been in practice from time immemorial. Thus, the people of Plateau Central are beginning to agitate for power shift in order to grab the governorship seat. Currently, many people are indicating Interest to run for the number 1 seat from Plateau Central. Almost all the local governments forming the central zone has handful of candidates. But the reality is whether or not the zoning system will be applied to achieve major political outcomes in 2023.

Zoning is the process of dividing land in a municipality into Zone in which certain Land is permitted
or prohibited.
Plateau State is the twelfth-largest state in Nigeria. It is unique due to its boundaries of elevated hills
surrounding the Jos plateau which drives its names from those features and has a population of around
3.5 million people. The Plateau State administrative structure consists of the State cabinet, The house of
Assembly, and Local government Areas.
The state government is run by the Governor (chief executive), Deputy Governor, Secretary to the state
government, Commissioners (cabinet members), special advisers, permanent secretaries, board
chairmen, and general managers. The House of Assembly consists of 25 members and 11 special
The Local Government is headed by a chairman, who is the chief executive, while his cabinet consists of
elected councilors who make up the legislative arm.
Plateau State is also divided into 17 Local Government Areas, each encompassing ethnic groups who
share common affinities or distant bloodlines. Leaders of these Local Government areas are elected by
the people from amongst several contestants who may not be related to any past chiefdom leaders.
Politically, it is divided into 3 zones namely: Northern Plateau, Central Plateau, and Southern Plateau.
The northern Plateau consists of Bassa, Jos North, Jos East, Jos South, Riyom and Barkin Ladi. The central
plateau consists of Mangu, Bokkos, pankshin,Kanke and Kanam. And Southern plateau Consist of Quanpan,
Shendam, Mikang, Langtang North, Langtang South, and Wase.
The notion of Zoning was first introduced in the second Republic following the Biafran Civil war of 1967-1970.

To ease inter-ethnic tension following the conflict. Zoning was designed to ensure that any zone in
Plateau State ever permanently excluded from Power and no party is seen to only represent one part of
the State.
In conclusion Zoning in plateau state was actively observed since the military regime of August 1998-
may 1999 under the administration of Musa Shehu. which we believe this policy will be respected during
the 2023 election to ensure good practice of this zoning and rotational access to political power
intersect with identity politics.
I think if the people of Plateau State can be reached with the truth, their judgment will be in favor of
the many, as against the privileged few.
Long live plateau state. Long live the governor of plateau state Simon Bako Lalong

Written by:

Plangdi Haruna (Harry Piro) C.E.O hworld boutique

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