Hon. Dasun Philip reels out achievements marking 1 year in office as member PLSHA

As part of activities marking his 1 year in office as member representating Pankshin North Constituency in the Plateau state House of Assembly, Hon. Dasun Philip reeled out some of his development projects executed over time for use by his constituents.

In a statement made available to journalists, Hon. Dasun said it was a time of deep reflection and refreshing having gone far in delivering the promises of democracy using every opportunity that came and still comes his way.

He further said, when he assumed office, he started reflecting on the challenges confronting his constituents with a view to proffering workable solutions and that ultimately paid off because of the practical efforts he made. He said, the sacrifices and commitment of his constituents made his efforts and achievements a resounding success and his appreciation goes to the young and old, educated and not educated, mothers, fathers, mechanics, farmers, orphans, widows, teachers, Civil servants, students and all of his constituents.

Hon. Dasun also said looking back through the 1 year that had gone, some obstacles to progress where identified but with higher vision, resilience and an unbending will, those obstacles were addressed and the future remains brighter than ever before.

“Truly, I can assure my constituents that the best of me hasn’t come. Our current achievements in office are just a tip of the iceberg. They’re just a minute part of the bigger picture. Continue to expect great things and bigger accomplishments. Everything I’ve done and everything I hope to become and do is primarily predicated on my vision not to fail the good people of Pankshin North Constituency. I’ll continue to do my best to uphold the principles of justice, fairness, equitable distribution of democracy dividends and fine-tune strategies to make our constituency a hub of economic transformation and sustainable development.” The statement reads in part.

While wishing the good people of Pankshin North Constituency and Plateau State at large a happy democracy day, Hon. Dasun Philip adviced that everything possible must be done to ensure the labour of our past heroes isn’t in vain.

Below are some of the major pictures of Hon. Dasun’s achievements.

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