Democracy Day: Goodwill Message from Dr. Mazadu Dader Bako

It is my pleasure and profound sense of responsibility to congratulate the political class for marking 1 year in office literally. I also extend my sincere felicitations to the good people of Plateau state and indeed all Nigerians on the Occassion of democracy day.

My joy is anchored on the fact that, in this time and age, the Nigerian dream is manifesting in ways we never thought possible courtesy of the resilience and indomitable spirit of our people.

We have come a long way in making sense of our democracy, challenges kept abounding in enormous dimensions however but we can’t afford to give up. Light would be seen at the end of the tunnel.

Our underlying concern is to continuously create fertile ground for the lofty dreams and frantic efforts of our founding fathers to thrive uninhibited. It is our collectively responsibility and we can’t shelve it.

While we celebrate democracy day today being June 12th, let us never forget to pray for the unity and lasting peace of Plateau state and Nigeria at large. Let us also pray for our leaders to deliver on the promises of democracy and ensure the achievement of sustainable development.

Making Plateau great again and achieving a bigger vision is our calling and we remain determined to making it happen.

Similarly, achieving a win-win outcome in our renewed struggle to put Nigerias’democracy on the path to sustainable growth and development shouldn’t be compromised. It is in our own best interest. The end would ultimately justify the means.

Once more, accept my sincere felicitations and goodwill.

Signed: Dr. Mazadu Dader Bako’s Media and Strategic Engagement Team

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