Hon. Panshak Yohanna greets Nigerians on Democracy Day

The former chairman of Kanke Local Government Hon. Panshak Yohanna has felicitated with the good people of Plateau state and Nigeria at large on the occasion of Democracy Day through a statement made available to Satisprime Reporters.

Today became significant in the life and history of our nation. It is not just as other public holidays but to celebrate our nation’s democracy day. Since our nation gained independence in 1960, we have witnessed terrible changes from civilian and military rulership which by now we could’ve identify the merits and demerits. Democracy by its definition, it a government by decision ( for the people and by the people) , that is why it remains the world’s most acceptable way of rulership and the best to provide quality leadership. However in some areas, it has become a nightmare and taste of waters always .
The shifting of the Nigerian democracy day from May 29 to June 12 is mainly to mark the murder of democracy when Chief MKO Abiola was denied his mandate after a clear win in one of the most free and fair elections ever conducted by the military. Today you stand as one who sacrificed his conscience for the protection and symbol of democracy in our nation. I also stand to salute those who stool by the definition of democracy in our nation and has offered themselves to protect this quality way of leadership and has provided essential services to our common man who are vulnerable but stood by us during electioneering. This year came with severe challenges (Covid-19 pandemic) , however I pray to all leaders in every fare to meet the demand of their electorates and provide quality leadership. God knows why you are elected to lead at this very point in time, therefore rather than to provide excuses, it is a privilege to serve in this demanding time. May God Almighty continue to grant our electorates the patience and understanding while seeking for means of livelihood.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria, God bless Plateau state and all our heroes of democracy. Happy democracy day!!!!!

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