PDP condemns Kaduna House of Assembly crisis

The leadership of the Care Taker Committee,CTC, of the Kaduna State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party,PDP, has condemned, in strong terms, the leadership fight of the Kaduna State House of Assembly.

The party frowned at the reckless manner in which members conducted themselves, where they threw caution to the wind, without recourse to the plight of the electorates. This is a threat to our democracy.

The PDP wondered why the honourable members allowed their internal crisis snowballed into fisticuffs with all the attendant media coverage, when there are more serious burning issues like the Coronavirus pandemic,poverty, insecurity and other economic woes bothering the citizenry.

The APC leadership has disappointed the people of Kaduna State with their shameless behavior,to say the least!

The party further advised the members of the legislature to use their energy to sponsor bills and motions the would move Kaduna State forward, rather than fighting each other in public.

Though, it is their stock in trade to steal mandate giving to politicians by the electorates, it is totally unacceptable for members to go as far as stealing the symbol of authority of the Assembly, whatever the provocation.

Finally, the PDP called for calm and amicable resolution of legislative disputes.

Abraham Alberah Catoh
State Publicity Secretary, PDP,CTC,KDS

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