Pst. Vincent Nanle Issues Epic Statement to Commemorate Democracy Day

Prior to the announcement by President Buhari, shifting Democracy day in Nigeria to June 12th in honour of Late Chief MKO Abiola whose election was annulled in 1993 by powers in high places, Democracy Day has always been celebrated on the 29th of May. Nonetheless, this year’s democracy day has come with new promises and opportunities for Nigerians to decide whether or not, they will join the league of world changers. Democracy is essentially a “Government of the people, by the people and for the people.”
Pst. Nanle quoted Dr. Kevichusa’s speech on the Naga day celebration about the different types of people in a given society where he made a Clarion call and appealed to the good people of Naga to choose the “citizenship philosophy rather than being one of the two other categories of an Idiot or a Tribesman class of democracy founded in ancient Greece thereby ruling out mundane and unpatriotic priorities.

In the light of this reality,
Pst. Vincent Nanle who is a frontline faith-prenuer, business man and humanitarian felicitates with the good people of Plateau State and Nigeria at large on the occasion of Democracy Day in a statement made available to Satisprime Reporters through his media and strategic engagement team.

The statement calls on the citizens of Nigeria to embrace hope for a better tomorrow and make relentless efforts to ensure the growth and sustainable development of democracy, noting that as much as challenges abound, the end would ultimately justify the means.

Pst. Nanle also assures of his underlying commitment to working with visionaries in order to liberate the future of Plateau and the citizens on the path to progress.

The statement reads in part…

“My passion for a purpose-driven leadership and growth of democracy can’t be compromised. I congratulate the people of Plateau and all Nigerians as we mark another moment to celebrate democracy. The challenges are enormous but our situation is not entirely hopeless. Let us not flag or fail in our resolve to give our future meaning and significance. Our vision for a better Plateau is achievable. We are determined to make it happen. Once more, accept my sincere felicitations.”

God bless Plateau State, God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Pst. Vincent Nanle’s Media and Strategic Engagement Team

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