Message of calm and hope to the people of Plateau on Panyam Attack – By Panle Samuel

The unfolding events in the last few days is void of so much to be desired. The entire people of Panyam district and by extension, Mangu and Plateau state were thrown in to black mood and sorrow for the gruesome attack and murder of innocent lives on Sunday night by assailants.

It’s rather sad and unthinkable to comprehend such heartlessness and carnage by these hell-bent nihilist murderers who have lost grasp of essence of life in totality. Certainly, they will sooner than expected meet up with their Waterloo. Like that of Abel, the innocent bloods shedded by these devil-ridden black agents cry out loud for vengeance at the throne of the Almighty giver and owner of life Himself. Their blood thirsty hands shall shrivel out in karma for the evil they perpetrate surely shall live after them unto ultimate consumption.

I call on all our peace loving people of Panyam, Mangu and Plateau state to take solace in God for this clearly undeserved attack on the land. I also urge us all to stay strong amidst this unprovoked rage.

Meanwhile, it’s totally needless hence uncalled for, the further aggression of youths and other ages in any disruptive and violent protests which can only escalate the ugly situation. Rather than raging against the traditional institution and any security outfit, we should join hands in confronting the common enemy. If we must overcome these challenges, we must do this with clean hands.

In the same vein, it has become clear that our security system has failed in its primary assignment of protecting lives and properties. While we the people must keep watch and remain vigilant in some sort of community policing, the security agencies must stand up to their responsibility and should unravel the perpetrators of this dastard act against the people of Panyam and bring them to justice.

Once more, I condole with the immediate family of the victims and the entire people of Panyam, Mangu and Plateau state at large on this attack and loss of innocent lives.
May the soul of the departed rest in peace and we pray for speedy recovery for the injured.

Panle Samuel Panyam Cares🙏🏾

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