Prof. Zulum’s uncommon transformation of Borno state health sector in 1 year

The Executive Governor of Borno state Prof. Babagana Zulum has continued to showcase his milestone achievements as he marks 1 year in office. His development projects are commendable as declared by many observers and analysts. It’s been reported that he has executed a total of 362 capital projects in 1 year.

Watch video below

According to Satmak Dapar the Lead Editor and CEO of Satisprime Reporters, I don’t find pleasure in singing the praises of politicians unless the need arises and it becomes absolutely necessary based on my instincts and conscience. While there are politicians whose underlying vision is to make sense of the future of Nigeria, others are basically occupying space without Purpose. How sad! No doubt, his excellency the Executive Governor of Borno state Prof. Zulum falls within the category of the former. My admiration for Zulum from a distance knows no boundaries. Borno state has always been in the eye of a ravaging storm given the rise and rise of Boko Haram’s horrendous activities, but here is a Governor whose mission is to bring out the best and find opportunities amidst untold tragedies. I’m especially pleased by the huge development interventions in Borno state despite the prevailing situation. 326 capital projects among other accomplishments in 1 year? Oh my goodness! There is hope for Nigeria, but it’s a matter of time. Good politicians are still springing up. Stay focused your excellency. You shall definitely pick pearls and gather gold. If he continues on this promising path and later decides to run for president, tell me why I shouldn’t support this visionary leader? You’ve got my support. God be with you.

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