De Wells Oswald Cakes ‘N’ more expands horizon of business, dreams bigger opportunities beyond Jos

The vision started way back in 2015 like a mustard seed but keeps growing bigger and bigger like an oak tree. This is in the spirit of an old motivational proverb that says “Determination leads to success tomorrow”

De Wells Oswald Cakes ‘N’ More is today for the most part, rising astronomically and becoming a success story because it’s crystal clear the vision is anchored on Purpose, value-added initiative, consistency, timelines, results-driven concepts and an indomitable will to succeed in the face of economic hurdles.

A blend of Naantap Oswald‘s vision and that of her husband Rinkat Oswald is for the most part resulting in extraordinary successes. Satisprime Reporters gathered that, cooperation, understanding and a sense of courtesy in business exhibited by the duo over time are the practical watchwords of the business initiative. It’s fair in this context to declare that “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Quite recently, after the launching and dedication of a bigger space for ease of doing business, Mr. Rinkat Oswald wrote powerfully that “We started very small but look at where God has brought us thus far, we are grateful. The bigger plan is to have a MALL in Plateau state and Nigeria that will serve the need of all citizens, kindly patronize us and you will never regret. We are still in business because of your numerous support and patronage. We deliver to your door steps and you can come with friends and love once to eat at our centre”

On her part in an inspirational tone, Mrs. Naantap Oswald wrote “

It started in 2009 after secondary school graduation,.. that idleness while waiting on Result & admission,.. I decided to use the opportunity,.. I used the home economics knowledge I had from Sec skul & started baking,.. I was hawking with queens cake in a transparent Rubber paint to the villagers to buy,… my kiddo’s were my staffs Eli Seyilnaan & Bammun, after which I get to give them a piece when they sale for the day, My first to client was my father,.. he bought for the family consumption,… hah it wasn’t for free ooo He paid me There and then immediately plus the one I chop too!…🤦‍♀️😩 Naso I get ginger to sale more😅😅💃🏼 villagers were inlove with the hard stone cakes I was making…. chai!I had no measurement for my Recipe,.. and I knew only one flavour (vanilla)😩🤦‍♀️😅😅 I later came up with ideas to garnish it up,… my Kalong, shendam ppl love it the more.😅💃🏼Suddenly business stopped! As I gain admission in 2010 to the university!.. I was able to save about 20k from that cake hawking.., then My Daddy advice me to open an account… the UBA Account am using for business now… that was the root.. Daddy gave me just a Little for pocket money knowing I already saved atleast.. and yes that money really helped!. I squander it well as my hard sweat earn.😁🤗 I went on break after admission, and came back fully with the passion in 2015,.. despite all the challenges,… the stress, I keep pushing and pushing… Today I now have the kinda of space,.. I pray for. And I am still hoping for better. In summary,.. My story is FROM CAKE HAWKING, TO BAKING IN SCHOOL ROOM, MY HUSBANDs HOUSE and Now a BIG SPACE!!! & SOON To my PERMANENT PLACE IJN. 🙏🏻🙏🏻💃🏼😁💃🏼💃🏼Thank you as you continue to keep us in business…
God bless you all🙏🏻❤️💕

Location: shop 1, Lajuba Plaza, Opposite National Identity Management Commission,Along LA min go Road Jos.

All kinds of Cakes
Big shawarma with sausage 1k
Big smoothie cup with milk 700 small 500
Cake slices 500
Cake parfait 800
Ice cream
Yoghurt 500/200
Meatpie big 300 small 250
Chin chin 200, 1500
Cocktails/mocktails🍹 500 upward
Scotch eggs 300
Sausage Rolls 250
Burger 🍔 800
And lots more…guddies
Chill with us…😁😘🍗🌮🥟🍰🍖👩‍🍳

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